Pride Celebration

Each year, CV LGBTQ+ puts on a pride celebration, consisting of a series of fun community events.

Click here for more details.

Community Supports

We use our space to support relationships and personal safety through our DV/SA outreach.  We offer support groups for trans* individuals and drop-in events for the community at large.  We host a weekly AA meeting aimed at LGBTQ+ Individuals.  There's a lot more we can do with your help.  Let us know what you need by contacting us info@cvlgbt.org.

Board Meetings

Our board meets every third Thursday of the month at the Wilson Building in downtown Eau Claire.

If you're interested in sitting in on a meeting, please contact us here. 

Other Events

If you'd like to see other events - both for fundraising or for fun (e.g., Dinners, Pub Crawls, movies, walks, etc.) email events@cvlgbt.org!  Suggestions - and help organizing - are always welcome!

Phone: 715-552-5428 (LGBT)

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