Want to know exactly how your funds will be used?  Directed giving is the place for you.

Use the GREEN button to make a one-time suggested donation; use the YELLOW button to select a donation amount.

Events Fund

Monies in the Events fund will go toward renting facilities, entertainment, and food services for both charitable and fundraising events.  More money in this fund means more money directly focused on more diverse and fun activities for the Chippewa Valley LGBTQ+ community.

Snack Fund

Monies in the Snack fund will go toward providing snacks for our volunteers, staff, and visitors, including those who attend our FREE support groups.  Our volunteers give a lot of their time working here FREE and sometimes the $1 they give for their snacks doesn't cover our costs.

Media Fund

Monies in the Media fund will go toward purchasing books, movies, and other media options (e.g., apps or streaming services) for our facility (including our library) and for clubs (e.g., Book Club).  It can also help defer the costs of internet and cable service for our office.

Youth Fund

Monies in the Youth fund will go toward events like Queer Prom (which we sponsor), outreach to GSAs in the area, and youth-oriented events.  This fund is so important because LGBTQ+ Youth have so many needs without any means to fund them themselves - and often they cannot rely on parents' support.

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