Current Group Schedule

Weekly Groups

Every Monday we host a Relationships group at 5pm in our office.

Gay Chatter - AA with an LGBTQ+ focus - meets at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Tuesdays at 7pm.

Biweekly Groups

We host a Trans* group twice per month, typically on Sunday at 1PM.  The group is open to all ages and gender identities, and supportive parents/partners are welcome.

Additional Information

If you have a recurring event that you would like us to include here - please email and we'll add it.  Our goal is to help people access the services and supports they need in our community, whether through us or through other agencies/providers.

Monthly Groups

We have several groups which we run on a rotation.  Groups typically run 3-5pm; please check our Facebook events page for latest information.

1st Saturday - PARENTS GROUP

2nd Saturday - GAYMING GROUP


5th Saturday - BOOK CLUB (4x per year)

Group ideas? Email!

Phone: 715-552-5428 (LGBT)

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